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Clean Clothes Made Easy: The Ultimate Guide to our 2023 Wash, Iron, and Fold Prices

18 May
Posted by:  admin

Clean Clothes Made Easy: The Ultimate Guide to our 2023 Wash, Iron, and Fold Prices

Wash, iron, fold prices

Are you a working woman? Your schedule is so rough and tough that you are unable to remove tough stains from the clothes through washing. On the weekends, the washing machine is flooded with dirty and stinky clothes, waiting to gear up for doing laundry in fractions. Laundry Xpress is ready to help you by providing wash, iron, and fold services. We entertain the pickup and delivery of large items like rugs, and carpets. You just have to sort your clothes accordingly, so it would be convenient for us to wash them. The wash price 2023 varies on the type of cloth, and so the same will apply to the iron price 2023 and fold price 2023.

Washed Clothes


Some people don’t have an automated washing machine and get tired of doing laundry manually even once a week. You have to wash your clothes, have to wait for a day to dry them and fold them properly. It becomes very time-consuming and hectic for a woman who deals with other household chores. Let’s make your laundry better by giving your entire pile of clothes to Laundry Xpress. We are ready to serve you by providing the best services of wash, ironing and fold. In this way, your clothes can have a longer life that can reduce the cost of buying new clothes steadily. It’s your willingness to own your clothes and create the best look with your old clothes.

Fresh Clothes


Imagine visiting your loved ones or going to work with your old clothes containing spots. It will create a pathetic experience with them and the reason behind it is just your clothes not washed properly at home. Laundry Xpress refreshes your clothes in an amazing way and enhances your overall look as dirty clothes spoil your personality and clean clothes signify your lifestyle. We use correct dosage of detergents that give a mild fragrance to your cloth. Due to warm weather and humidity, sweating occurs which causes a musty smell around yourself. Some clothes are not dirty, they just need a freshening up look so instead of performing experiments at home, hand them over to us.We assure you that your clothes are delivered in the best possible way without any mishaps.

Wash Iron and FoldLXComWash & FoldLXComIron OnlyLXCom
Normal Wears100110Normal Wears7580Normal Wears6070
Add On Hanger Service4045Small Wears5560Add on Hanger Service4030
Small Wears6560Add On bedsheet3535Add On Starch4045
Add on Bedsheet3540Add On Bedcover5560Curtains300400
Add On Bedcover5560Add On lab Coat100100Steam Press120120
Add On Lab Coat10090Add on Shawl150160Steam Press (Saree)450440
Add On Shawl150150Add on Abaya120130Steam Press (Blouse)150160
Add On Starch4040Add on Bath Gown150140Steam Press Bridal Dress9001000
Add On Abaya120110Add On Hoodie150170Steam Press (Maxi, Sharara, Garara)700800
Add On Bath Gown150160Add On Sweatshirt9080Steam Press 3 pc Fancy suit600700
Add on Hoodie150150Add on sweater150160Steam Press (waist Coat)200250
Add On Sweatshirt90100Add On Rilli150140

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