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How much does it cost to have someone do your laundry?

21 Dec
Posted by:  Yusra Saquib

How much does it cost to have someone do your laundry?

Laundry is a chore that can be tiresome and time-consuming. However, rates vary depending on your location, the laundry service provider, and other factors we’ll explore in this comprehensive guide.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Laundry


Prices can differ based on the region or country you’re in. Urban areas might have higher costs compared to rural ones.

Service Type 

Whether you opt for a laundromat, a professional laundry service, or hire an individual for laundry assistance will impact the cost. Professional services might charge per pound or per load, while individuals may charge hourly or per task.

Volume and Frequency 

The amount of laundry and how often you require the service will affect the overall cost. Some services offer discounts for regular or bulk loads.

Special Requirements 

If you have specific requests such as delicate fabrics, special detergents, or ironing, these additional services may come at an extra cost.

Additional Services 

Some laundry services offer folding, dry cleaning, stain removal, or pickup/delivery options, which can add to the overall price.

Home Laundry Service Near Me 

When seeking a home laundry service nearby, costs can differ based on the type of service you choose. For instance, hiring an individual to do your laundry might vary based on their rates, which can be per piece. This type of service can offer convenience for individuals or households with busy schedules, limited access to laundry facilities, or those who simply prefer to outsource this chore. On average, this might range from Rs.15000-20000, but rates can vary widely depending on location and specific requirements.

Commercial Laundry Service Near Me 

Commercial laundry services cater to businesses and institutions that require large-scale laundering of linens, uniforms, towels, and other fabrics. These services operate at an industrial level, handling significant quantities of laundry on a daily basis.

Commercial laundry services often charge per piece. The cost might range from Rs.60 per piece, depending on the volume of laundry and any additional services such as folding, ironing, or special fabric treatments. Some services might offer discounts for larger volumes or regular clients.

Bed Sheet Laundry Service Near Me 

Bed sheet laundry services might have specific pricing structures. Generally, they could charge by the piece , with costs ranging from Rs.100-130, again depending on factors like size, material, and any additional services requested, such as ironing or folding.


Every week, doing laundry can take up valuable time. Make time in your schedule by hiring a reasonably priced laundry service. Pay attention to picking a reputable service that meets your budget, even though prices differ.

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